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Today is Drone Safety Day!


Today is Drone Safety Day! Created by the FAA in 2019, its purpose was to assist the drone community in understanding the importance of flying UAVs safely. The day also emphasizes the benefits drones play in our society, economy, and keeping us safe. Today, companies using drones in their operations can share how they are taking advantage of the technology. Also, it's an opportunity for drone enthusiasts to share their interests and skills with friends and family.

The FAA safety message for Drone Safety Day is "FLY RIGHT."

The acronym for RIGHT is:

R=Resgister your drone

  1. drones flown under Part 107 must be registered, regardless of weight.

  2. Drones flown recreationally must be registered if they weigh more than 250 grams.

  3. Register your drone through the FAA DroneZone

I= Interact with other

  1. FAA encourages joining local organizations or community groups and participating in forums.

G= Gain Knowledge

  1. Learn about drone safety and rules at

  2. learn about airspace before you fly and how to get approval through the FAA-approved LAANC UAS service provider.

H= Have a safety Plan

  1. Don't assume the flight will go as planned.

  2. Have a plan of action if the weather changes, another aircraft approaches, or if people get close.

  3. Always conduct a pre and post-flight check to ensure it's safe to fly.

  4. Make sure you are approved to fly in controlled airspace through the LAANC app.

T-Trust and Train

  1. Recreational flyers must pass the TRUST test once before flying their UAV.

Drone Safety Day is all about education and awareness. Make no mistake; the drone industry is booming! Some reports predict that the industry will hit $65 billion by 2025. Therefore, it is imperative that safety and education be at the forefront to ensure our industry thrives. Manned aircraft aviation has been around for 100 years and has had the time to mature through many trials and errors that created change through legislation, laws, and education over the years. However, the UAV industry is young and moving forward very fast. It will take a collective effort from businesses, drone enthusiasts, our local and federal legislators, and organizations, including the FAA, to guarantee the drone industry flourishes and can stand the test of time. There is an essential need for this technology. Let's all help to protect it. Thank you, FAA, for establishing Drone Safety day. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

For more information, please visit or click the link below to access the FAA Drone Safety Day PDF.