About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading drone (UAS’s) commercial service organization by developing a reputation that can offer a variety of services safely with efficiency and speed. It’s our vision to be a household name within the drone industry and as a drone services company of integrity and high quality.


At SNAPSHOT AERIAL IMAGING SOLUTIONS, it is our mission to provide quality drone services quickly, efficiently, and at competitive costs. It starts by our commitment to focus on the best interest of our clients, and to provide a service that goes above and beyond their expectations. Our experienced team of highly skilled pilots are FAA Part 107 licensed and insured. So, our clients will have comfort and confidence that their project will be protected and completed with precision and accuracy. 

Mission Statement 

SNAPSHOT AIS’ foundation is based on the biblical principles of love, service and honesty. Our focus is to assist in the growth and development of communities by offering services with integrity and honor. We pride ourselves on offering quality deliverables, through the hard work of our experienced FAA Part 107 certified pilots and talented staff. We will always put safety first and never cut corners. Most importantly, it is our mission to always strive for greatness for our company and the clients we serve. 

Our Equipment

It’s imperative that we provide services using the latest technology in hardware and software. Providing accurate and complex information to our clients as quickly as possible is crucial for their success and bottom line. No matter the mission or project, we have the specialized capabilities to get the job done.

  • Fast Response – You will receive a response with our quote for your project within 24 hours of your consultation.

  • Quick Turn-around – We’re on a mission and time is of the essence. Get your project completed and delivered faster than you can ask, “Where do we send the money?”.

  • Certified and Insured Pilots – Our pilots are not free-lance hobbyists. All are FAA UAS Part 107 licensed and carry a minimum of $2M insurance. No need to worry. You are always protected. 

  • Safety – Rest assured that safety is our primary focus and we will always follow FAA UAS protocols and local regulations.  

  • Technology – We use the latest technology in professional hardware and software.