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The Sky's the Limit: Top Earning Drone Careers Worldwide


The advent of drone technology has brought about a revolution in various industries, from cinematography to agriculture and even to infrastructure inspection. As the technology has become more sophisticated, the demand for skilled drone pilots and related professionals has soared, along with their potential earnings. In this blog post, we explore some of the highest-paid drone jobs in the world, delving into what they entail and why they command such impressive salaries.

1. Drone Pilot for Film and Television

The entertainment industry has always been at the forefront of adopting cutting-edge technology to bring imaginative visions to life. Skilled drone pilots who can maneuver their crafts ...

The Rise of the Drone Advocacy Alliance: Shaping the Future of Unmanned Aerial Systems


In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the rise of drones has marked a transformative chapter in multiple sectors, from delivery services to environmental monitoring, cinematography to disaster response. As with any burgeoning technology, this influx of drones into our skies has presented many questions and concerns. Enter the Drone Advocacy Alliance (DAA) - a new organization aiming to shape unmanned aerial systems' narrative and regulatory future.

What is the Drone Advocacy Alliance?

The Drone Advocacy Alliance is an umbrella organization bringing together drone manufacturers, enthusiasts, businesses, and end-users to create a united front. Their main goals are to promote responsib...

Flight of the Week - Eaton Canyon Park, Pasadena California

This week, our adventure took us to Eaton Canyon Park in Pasadena, California. The park's captivating charm was enhanced by its meandering springs, creating a scenic journey that culminated in a delightful surprise. But hold your breath, for a truly remarkable surprise awaits us at the end of our expedition!

Eaton Park_May282023

This is "Eaton Park_May282023" by ElJuan Jones on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed new rules for drone flights


The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed new rules for drone flights, allowing for expanded use of drones in the National Airspace System (NAS). These new rules are designed to increase the safety of drone operations and provide more flexibility to drone pilots.

One of the most significant changes in the new rules is the drone's ability to fly over people at night without a waiver. Currently, drone operators are required to obtain a waiver from the FAA to fly over people or at night, which can be a lengthy and difficult process. The proposed new rules would eliminate this requirement, provided that the drone operator complies with certain safety requirements.

Under the prop...

Today is Drone Safety Day!


Today is Drone Safety Day! Created by the FAA in 2019, its purpose was to assist the drone community in understanding the importance of flying UAVs safely. The day also emphasizes the benefits drones play in our society, economy, and keeping us safe. Today, companies using drones in their operations can share how they are taking advantage of the technology. Also, it's an opportunity for drone enthusiasts to share their interests and skills with friends and family.

The FAA safety message for Drone Safety Day is "FLY RIGHT."

The acronym for RIGHT is:

R=Resgister your drone

  1. drones flown under Part 107 must be registered, regardless of weight.

  2. Drones flown recreationally must be registered if th...

Natural-We Community Juneteenth Fair


On June 11th, SNAPSHOT AIS had the honor and privilege of celebrating Juneteenth with the Natural-We Community organization and participating in their first in-person community event in 2 years. The Juneteenth Community Fair was an incredible event led and sponsored by Akua T.J Robinson, Founder and Executive Director of Natural-We Community. This spectacular organization provides programs and services to uplift, empower, encourage, heal and celebrate Black/African peoples. They provide services such as community feeding programs providing food and meals to those in the local area, also assisted by New Providence Baptist Church. Natural-We Community also includes tutoring, wellness, financ...

SNAPSHOT AIS Works the Annual Memorial Day Murph Workout!

SNAPSHOT AIS was honored to work the Annual Memorial Day Murph workout challenge this year in Hermosa Beach. It was an absolute pleasure to work with individuals who risk their lives to keep us safe. We had so much fun contributing our aerial footage for such a great event and tradition, honoring LT. Michael P. Murphy, and all our soldiers who gave their lives to keep our country safe. And although we had a ton of fun, there was also a feeling of commemoration and tribute. Seeing the men and women serving our country from every military branch come together to celebrate those who died for our freedoms was inspiring. SNAPSHOT AIS wants to thank every member of our military. Their bravery and ...